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For Talent

- Get jobs in industry and give consultancy to companies
- Our community helps move from academia to industry

For Companies

- Find talent with technical skills and diverse ways of thinking
- The only place in the world with academic tech and talent

Solving real-world problems with Super Smart People...

Identifying health risks by automatically mining expert comments of MRI diagnosis
Found a dream job in a global pharmaceutical company
Charlie M., PhD in Computer Science, Basel, Switzerland
Estimating the time between Twitter messages and future events
Found a dream job in a major online fashion retailer
Devyani S., PhD in Computational Linguistics London, UK
Forecasting water levels using AI technology
Found a dream job in an insurance company
Li W. , PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Beijing, China

We want more researchers to work in companies and more scientific research
to be translated into actionable industry applications.

60 million researchers globally

Scientists with diverse range of expertise are the new Leaders, Economists, Policy Makers, Bankers, Industry Managers

90% need to work in industry

165 million research papers globally

Driving down the waste of academic research can provide incredible solutions for companies and societies

only 2% of current technologies comes from scientific research

We are starting with Data Science and soon expanding to Life Science and Engineering

Academics coming out of top universities:


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