Additional Resources

PhD career advice and job opportunities to help you successfully transition to industry

  1. Chris Humphrey is a long time advocate for PhDs to have successful careers in industry. His blog Jobs on Toast is a way to pass on his knowledge and experience of making the journey out of higher education.
  2. Post-gradual: the PhD careers blog – created by Holly Prescott, PostGradual is the postgrad careers blog that takes PhD careers advice one tip at a time.
  3. From PhD To Life – Jen Polk has worked as an academic, life, and career coach for graduate students and PhDs since 2013. She helps PhDs launch meaningful careers, gain confidence, feel less isolated, and ultimately take action that moves them forward. Browse the inspiring interviews with people who’ve made the transition into a fulfilling career outside academia.
  4. Versatile PhD – The Versatile PhD, founded by Paula Chambers, is on a mission to help graduate students, ABDs and PhDs identify, prepare for and excel in professional careers.
  5. Research Careers – a team of curious and committed volunteer PhD students and research staff working in partnership with the University of Oxford’s Careers Service. Their role is to source career profiles from a range of fascinating sectors written by researchers with backgrounds spanning the humanities, social sciences, physical and life sciences.
  6. Papa PhD Podcast – In-depth interviews with researchers who are pursuing careers outside of academia, in French and in English, hosted by David Mendes.
  7. PhD Career Stories – is a podcast where PhD’s share their stories and experiences in life after a PhD, inspiring you to take the next step in your career development. It has a great mix of personal stories along with hints and tips for your career search.
  8. The Recovering Academic Podcast – An excellent source of information about the process of leaving academia, hosted by Amanda, Ian and Cleyde.
  9. Roostervane, founded by Chris Cornthwaite, PhD, will help you build a career you love, without going back to school. If you’re lost, it’s your self-guided path to reinvention.

    Don’t just find a job. Find your purpose.

  10. Broda Coaching is run by a small team of professionals with real world experience. They’re on a mission to improve the world by elevating the professionals that shape it every day. Their programs focus on career transition, professional and personal development, and executive leadership coaching. You can listen to our fireside chat with Adam Broda here.
  11. Natalia Bielczyk focuses on writing about the job market, science business, and helping professionals in finding the right career tracks.
  12. Passage2Pro is a leading career coaching company delivering career & leadership coaching and training for individuals with PhDs and across the globe. The founder of the organisation, Prof Tina Persson, left academia after 20 years to start a new career as recruiter and head-hunter. Watch our interview with Tina here.
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