Code of Conduct

Smart Tribe Introductions Code of Conduct

A few housekeeping rules to ensure our interactions are pleasant, productive and interesting: 

  1. Show up on time for your call and if you need to reschedule, please let the other person know in advance.
  2. Try to prepare yourself for the call and research the person you are going to meet. Read about them, find out about their interests and get an idea of what they are specialised in/writing about/like and comment on.
  3. Start the conversation with your own introduction and a short summary of your achievements and interests. It also helps to have an “ice breaker” and have 1-2 minutes friendly social chat e.g. about the city they came from, weather, an event that is taking place near them, common interest, comment of their latest blog post, etc.
  4. Listen carefully to what the other person tells you and do not interrupt.
  5. Always be polite and professional. Even if the conversation is not going according to the plan.
  6. Send a nice “Thank you” note following the conversation.
  7. Stay in touch! You might want to talk to the person again. If it was a one-off conversation, you can ping them from time to time and send an interesting article they might be interested in or just give a quick update on what you have been up to.

Enjoy! If you have any questions or feedback, please email us at

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