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We do not publish job posts but we allow industry members to search through our community profiles in order to match candidates with their needs. However, we do support our community and partners to communicate their projects and initiatives.

Please keep checking Smart Tribe community pages for regular updates!

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Industry Challenge

Does your company have a problem that you can’t crack?  Don’t wait for your own team to solve it.  Let us know and we’ll post it on our blog and advertise it to the Smart Tribe community.

Tap into the wealth of tech and talent from academia by setting a real-world challenge for them to solve. You’ll be astonished by how Smart Tribe’s scientific community of mathematicians, neurologists, computer scientists and more present new perspectives on solving your problem.

Please send a description of your industry challenge to You can either use your company name or choose to stay anonymous. The best answers and experts behind these solutions will be directly introduced to your companies. This is a free service offered by Smart Tribe, and we highly encourage you to Save it with Science!

Our current challenge has arisen from a global market player in financial services:

Grab from the Lab

Do you have research that you want to commercialise?  Don’t let it languish on the shelf.  Let us know and we’ll post it on our blog and advertise it to industry partners in Smart Tribe’s community.

Only 2% of the current technologies can be traced back to research from academia.  You’ll be astonished by the number of companies and investors there are who are thirsty for new research breakthroughs and want to partner with you to commercialise them.

Please send a description of your research to The research can be published in an academic paper, patented or patent-pending.  We’ll help you to find an industry partner and/or financial assistance and resources needed to commercialise it. This is a free service offered by Smart Tribe, and we highly encourage you to Save it with Science

Our current opportunity has arisen from a startup supporting sustainable farms in South Africa:


Smart Tribe Ambassadors

Do you love what we do at Smart Tribe? Do you want to join our mission and become a Smart Tribe Ambassador at your university, city or country? Please tell our community engagement captain Sonia at and we would love to make you our Ambassador!


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