Distributed ledgers and AI to help build sustainable farms in developing countries

An unsolved problem is that small scale farmers (which are most of the farmers in the developing world, and certain middle-income countries like South Africa) have difficulty accessing markets. This holds true for both commodities and for fresh produce. Invariably, the problem of getting to market is solved by centralisers who then have concentrated buying power and can set prices, so farmers struggle to make ends meet while doing most of the hard work, and assuming most of the risk. It’s an old story that is well known. 

We are building market models, protocols and tech (based on research into economic network structures) that aim to decentralise and incentivise solutions to the small scale farmer to market problem. By using distributed ledgers for payments rails and AI for supply chain coordination, we believe that we can make small scale farmers more resilient, and tackle various UN sustainable development goals in the process. 

Our core team comprises a mathematician who has worked on blockchain and token economy designs, a computer scientist who has run projects ranging from large scale banking to green bonds, and a musician coffee entrepreneur that has worked in sustainable development. 

We believe that we can have an impact on the food industry, agricultural management, and the financial technology sector. 

We are based in South Africa and are looking for investors and partners to help us use tech to solve sustainability-related problems. 

Please contact Viroshan Naicker at viroshan@northquotient.com 

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    Ernesto DR Santibanez Gonzalez

    Hi Viroshan, I sent you a message a few days ago regarding a potential collaboration. Let me know if you are interested and received it.
    Best, Ernesto (santibanez.ernesto@gmail.com)

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