Feeling like doing something impactful? Join Smart Tribe

Feeling like doing something impactful? Join Smart Tribe

Smart Tribe is a platform connecting academics and the rest of the world. The institution of academia has existed in isolation forever, and it is time to democratise its most guarded treasure: knowledge. 

What Smart Tribe does

Smart Tribe bridges the gap between academia and industry. People on Smart Tribe connect to solve real-world problems.

On the one hand, there are the brightest minds in the world coming from academia and offering their knowledge, skills and cutting-edge research.

On the other hand, we have industry professionals looking for solutions to their problems, innovative ideas and problem-solving talent. 

Smart Tribe is a platform where the worlds of academia and industry meet for the first time on such a scale, speak the same languages and collaborate to benefit each other.

We encourage networking, discussions and collaboration between individuals rather than institutions.

How Smart Tribe works

Currently, there are three ways academics and industry professionals connect on Smart Tribe.

The first allows people to search each other’s profiles. If they find someone they want to talk to, they select that person’s profile.

If the other person selects them back, they can start the conversation right away.

We use AI recommendation techniques to provide you with a list of suggestions about who you should speak to. This is based on your background and goals. 

The second option is to let us make the selection for you.

Twice a month, we provide you with a 1:1 introduction to a person we recommended that you speak to.

The third option is to join the conversation of a group of like-minded people on a topic that interests you and which you want to impact or learn about.

Who should join?

  • Academics transitioning from academia to industry.
  • Researchers looking for successful ways to commercialise their research; either by finding an industry partner or launching a startup and looking for a cofounder with a business background.
  • Academics who remain in academia but want to provide consultancy and expert hours to industry professionals.

These are just a few examples of how academics already use Smart Tribe. 

Businesspeople are also very keen to use Smart Tribe. Many PhDs who already made a career in the industry want to give back to the community and help others follow in their footsteps.

Others want to learn the latest developments in research coming from universities directly from their creators. 

Many industry professionals working in R&D, innovation teams, data science, product development and similar functions in companies find sources for new, innovative ideas and products thanks to Smart Tribe. 

Some senior executives want to continue professional activities by providing coaching and mentoring.

The last major group consists of entrepreneurs looking for cofounders and new technologies to turn into startups and startups looking for industry partners to pilot their prototypes.

Where are we active?

Smart Tribe is a digital platform accessible from anywhere in the world, 24/7.

Currently, around 50% of our members are based in the US. Another 40% are in Europe (mainly the UK, Germany and France). The remaining 10% are amazing people from Africa and Asia.

Who are Smart Tribers? 

In March 2021, Smart Tribe reached around 15,000 members after growing an average of 25% every month soon after we were established at the end of 2019. 

The split between academics and industry people is an even 50/50.

90% of the academics are PhDs. 80% of them are in STEM fields, with the remaining 20% being humanities academics. They are also very active in solving massive problems in education, policy change, ethics and many more crucial issues. 

30% of Smart Tribe’s academics work in top universities. This includes Imperial College London, University College London, the University of Oxford, Cambridge, Stanford University, Caltech and MIT.

48% of Smart Tribe’s industry experts work for:

  • Top tech companies (IBM, Microsoft, Intel, Amazon, Google).
  • Leading pharmaceutical companies (Merck, AstraZeneca, Roche, GSK, IQVIA).
  • Major consulting companies (Accenture, Deloitte, PwC, Cognizant, McKinsey). 

The quality of people on Smart Tribe is astonishing and guarantees a high quality of conversation between its members.

How much does it cost?

It is free to become a member of Smart Tribe and enjoy all the benefits.

There is a small fee of USD 7.95 for people who are very active users requiring lots of connections in a short period of time; for example, management consultants looking for experts for their projects, industry people looking urgently for researchers specialising in particular topics or researchers needing a large volume of connections for their work. 

Community rules

Smart Tribe is a community. Despite thousands of people being present on the platform, there is a lot of community spirit and camaraderie between its members.

Because people on Smart Tribe have similar backgrounds and interests, there is a great feeling of belonging and participating in Smart Tribe’s mission of saving the world with science.

Members feel safe and respected, and being kind to each other is frequently mentioned in feedback from its members. 

People love Smart Tribe

In December 2020, we surveyed our members. About 79% of respondents stated that they would be disappointed if they could no longer use Smart Tribe.

We often feature our members’ social media posts sharing their enthusiasm about Smart Tribe. We have fantastic reviews on social media! 

Smart Tribe matters now more than ever

The past year has been extremely difficult for the whole world due to COVID isolation.

We have found solutions to that massive problem through science. Thanks to vaccinations, we will gradually go back to the life we had before, with fewer people getting sick and dying. 

This shows that we can overcome the biggest problems in the world with the help of science.

We face so many other significant issues in healthcare, education, climate change, and other areas where science has answers and solutions to those problems.

This is why the conversations on Smart Tribe matter and often are the most important conversations right now.

You can be part of the movement of unleashing science and solving real-world problems.

Smart conversations never stop. 

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