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Smart Tribe: A New Way to Network

This July, I interviewed Beatrice Zatorska, the co-founder and CEO of Smart Tribe. Beatrice is based in London, but Smart Tribe is a global platform that has users from multiple countries.

Dominique Martin


No easy way exists for industry to tap into the wealth of talent from academia. Job seekers moving from academia to industry find it challenging to market their deep skills in industry language.

Lanna Cooper, Startups Magazine

IWD 2020: 5 founders on why they became entrepreneurs

I have been commercialising emerging technologies for almost 20 years, travelling the world helping my clients - many Fortune 500 companies - to hunt for scientific research and scientists to turn their innovations into great products.


Antler London's inaugural Demo Day | The 13 startups looking for disruption

In June 2019, 71 exceptional individuals, representing 32 different nationalities, were carefully selected to join our first program in London. After just 2 months we invested £1.56 million in 13 different companies that were generated in that program, 30% of which have a female co-founder.


Antler invests £1.56m in companies founded on its UK program

Global startup generator and early-stage venture capital firm Antler has revealed the 13 companies that were founded during its first London program.

Alara Basul, UK Tech News

Antler: tapping into Europe’s talent

For a while in Europe there was just one company builder everyone was keeping their eye on. Now there are two. A year ago, Antler launched its first “startup generator” programme in Europe. In January 2019, 67 wannabe entrepreneurs met in Stockholm to start working on ideas for new businesses.

Amy Lewin, Sifted

Interview: Kris Jack — Cofounder, science2innovation*

I caught up with Kris Jack to talk about cofounding science2innovation, his journey from academia to industry, and his motivations for creating a platform that makes it easier to turn academic research into products.

Harry Butcher, Medium

*science2innovation is Smart Tribe’s previous name

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