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What is Smart Tribe?

Getting your dream job

Your industry-friendly profile

The Challenge

University Careers Services don’t help PhDs transition from academia to industry because they focus on undergraduates. 

So millions of PhDs are left asking the same questions…

  • Which jobs best fit my skills?​

  • Which of my skills are most relevant to employers?

  • How best to communicate my academic record?

  • What should I include on my CV?​​

  • How best to grow my professional network?

What is Smart Tribe?

We are a unique community of PhD students, PhD holders and industry experts. In other words, everyone you need to help you transition from academy to industry. 

We built Smart Tribe because we want to see more scientific thinking in companies.

PhDs from all academics disciplines​

PhD mentors already in industry

Expert mentors from a range of industries

Getting your dream job

Online profile

The online profile creator helps you to describe your skills in an industry-friendly way and suggests job roles suited to you.

Mentor matching

Get matched with a mentor who has already made the PhD to industry leap and industry experts who can help you make the move.

Digital resources

Access our collection of blog posts, videos, webinars, interviews, templates, full of tips and advice for how to transition.

Get the job you love

We promote your profile to companies, helping them to understand your skills, and they approach you with opportunities.

Stella's success story

Stella's profile

Write a short introduction about yourself in 2-3 sentences. Describe who you are and what is your expertise. Be creative and fun!

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Don’t forget to let companies know your availability.

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Pick skills you are confident about, both technical and transferable, which are very important for companies too (not only your fluency in Python!).

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Add tech descriptions (blitzcards) to show your problem-solving skills and diverse ways of thinking. Even better, write one, too!

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Add your education and experience. Include your previous projects: problem, solution and advantages of the solution. Write it in plain English and non-technical way so that non-experts can understand it.

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Do you have any questions? Drop as an email at team@smarttribe.io or reach out to us on our social media channels.

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Researcher case study

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