Refer a friend - FAQs

Refer a friend

What is a "refer a friend"?

Refer a friend is an awesome way of rewarding you and your friend for introducing someone to Smart Tribe. It’s easy, too – just use your unique referral link to send it in an email, message, slack, pigeon… whatever works. You can use the same referral code with as many friends as you like – we will know it is you who spreads to love! 

When 2 of your friends (who signed up using your unique referral code) successfully creates their profile with Smart Tribe and activates their free premium account, you’ll be able to activate your free Premium Services.

Share the good stuff and start referring your friends now!

What do I get for referring a friend?

Referring friends to Smart Tribe means you and your friends earn free Premium Services: for every 2 friends you will enjoy Premium Services for a 1-month period (once activated). Turbocharge your life with amazing people who want to meet you and change your life!

What’s more, you can refer as many friends as you like!

What are Smart Tribe Premium Services?

As a premium user:

  • You can reveal profiles of people who selected you for an introduction, 
  • We will include your profile in our Today’s Featured list where your profile instantly gains 100x more visibility and chances to be spotted and selected for an introduction by others,
  • You will have 4 personalised introductions per month instead of 2,
  • You will be able to choose your introduction by selecting their profile,
  • You will have priority to be introduced to the most popular members.

When does my premium account get activated?

As soon as your friends have activated their rewards, you will be able to activate your own.

When do my sign-ups’ premium accounts get activated?

As soon as they sign up using your referral code, they will be able to activate their Premium Services.

Can I see who has signed up using my referral code?

Yes, you can check it here.

Where can I see how much premium I have left?

You can check an overview of your referrals, their status, and the rewards you’ve earned by logging in to your Smart Tribe Premium page.

Can I refer anyone to Smart Tribe?

All sign ups must either: 

1) work in academia, be pursuing a PhD,/MA/MSc or hold a PhD/MA/MSc degree;

2) hold a position in industry in connection to R&D, science and technology e.g. product research and development, innovation, strategy, investment and business growth in innovation.

When can I start referring my friends?

Right now! Refer your friends here.

How many referrals can I make?

As many as you like! The more the merrier. Just remember that you’ll get a reward only for successful referrals, meaning your friend has to complete their profile and activate their free Premium Services. You will see the number of free premium months for you to enjoy on your Premium page.

Can I claim all my rewards at once?

No, you can only claim only 1 reward a day. 

Why is my referral still not active if I already sent it to my friends?

Make sure they created their profiles, verified their email address and activated their free Premium Services.

It looks like my reward isn’t showing in my referral account. What should I do?

Sometimes rewards might not show up in your account. This could be a technical problem or an issue with your internet browser. Don’t worry, you can make a support request for the missing reward – just poke us at

What if I have paid for my subscription already and only after my 2 friends used my referral code?

You will get next full month for free. 

How can I cancel my premium subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time with no fee here.

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