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How it works?

The average PhD student reads over 100 articles in the first year of their PhD. Some people blog about interesting research they've read, some share it on social media - why not share it on Smart Tribe and earn rewards?

Blitzcards are plain English summaries of research papers that describe the real-world problem and solution.

Blitzcards power the Smart Tribe matching algorithim, connecting academics and industry.

A blitzcard contains everything a company needs to know about a piece of research to understand its value for industry.​

165 million+

 research papers in the world

20 million



of the current technologies come from research conducted in academia

Background research being locked on your computer is such a waste. You take time to understand a research paper and you take notes about it. Sharing your notes in the form of blitzcards helps everyone to benefit from that hard work that you put in. This not only saves them time, but also open up the research to people from other domains, helping us connect the dots between disciplines in academia and across industry. Plus, you may even earn a reward from doing it.

Kris Jack, Co-Founder & CTO

How it works

Write a blitzcard

Choose a research article that solves a real-world problem using data science, machine learning or AI. For most chances of earning a reward, choose an article that is highly cited from a popular repository like arXiv
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Showcase research by sharing the blitzcard with your fellow researchers and social network.

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Get rewarded

When someone gets a job through Smart Tribe, we ask the company that hired them to nominate which blitzcard helped them the most in making that hire. If your blitzcard is chosen, then you get a reward of £500 and the original author of the research the blitzcard describes gets £500 too.

Researcher rewards paid for placements in the following companies:

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