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Research Deserves Rewards

We are proud to share our newly launched Researcher Rewards Programme with you. This programme allows you to earn money from sharing your background research. Simple as that! 

It is our mission to unleash science, bringing together researchers looking for data science jobs in industry and companies looking for new tech and those experts to implement it. 

We know that the average PhD student reads over 100 articles in the first year of their PhD. PhD students already share what they have found on social media channels and some even blog about their findings. 

In response to this, we have created our new reward programme to benefit anyone that wants to share what they have read with the science2innovation community and the world. 

The great news is that you can be in with a chance of making £500 per successful applicant that gets hired as a result of your Blitzcard. Now that is inspiring!

“If I had been given access to this rewards programme as a PhD student I would have taken full advantage of it.” 

Kris Jack Co-Founder & CTO

Introducing Blitzcards

Blitzcards are summaries of research papers that describe a real-world problem and suggest workable solutions, in various industries. 

Did you know that over 165 million research papers have been authored? It is clear to see the potential but in reality, the majority of research sits on the shelf and isn’t applied in the real world. It’s our mission to unleash this scientific research, and it’s an excellent opportunity for people to get rewarded for their contribution to advance science.

Once you have written a blitzcard, it becomes accessible to anyone searching on the platform that wants to find a solution. Blitzcards are the fuel that fires the s2i matching algorithm – connecting PhDs looking for a job and companies. 

The real beauty of a Blitzcard is that it holds absolutely everything a company needs to know to fully appreciate the value of that piece of research and it’s real-life applications. Meaning that the true potential of a piece of research is released, and you can be a part of making this happen!

“Ultimately we want to give back to researchers and we are clear that we will never put them in a position where we expect them to pay for it because they already do enough for free” 

Kris Jack, Co-Founder & CTO

What’s Involved?

When you decide to write a Blitzcard you firstly need to sign up to our site; it’s free and will always be free for researchers as we value the work you do and you should not have to pay when sharing your knowledge and expertise.

Next, you need to select a research article that you understand well enough to convert into plain English and suggest possible solutions that can be reapplied in industry. The material you choose must be able to solve a real-world problem and make use of data science, machine learning or AI to do so. A great tip is to select a research paper that has been cited many times, these papers have the most significant potential to earn rewards. 

Writing a Blitzcard is a quick job and since you know the subject matter well, it’s quick easy to do. Anyone can write a blitzcard; you may be a PhD student, have an MSc, work in industry or come from a different background altogether. The only requirement is that you know the research well enough to be able to accurately describe it in a blitzcard. When you sign up for an account with us, we will guide you through each step with clear instructions that make the process simple. If you get stuck, then we are always on hand to help.

You can even use our current blitzcards for inspiration! Don’t be put off if you see something similar out there, your solutions may be exactly what someone is looking for. We don’t cap the number of blitzcards you write but we only allow you to write one blitzcard per research paper. The scope for rewards is endless.

When your blitzcard is complete, share it far and wide and tag us in all your posts @s2icom. We can’t wait to help you get science off the shelf and turn it into solutions that can help solve some of the issues that companies are facing today.

“The demand for solutions is so high that this programme has the potential to reward people over and over just by using the knowledge they already have” 

Beatrice Zatorska, Co-Founder & CEO

Reap the Rewards

When someone successfully gets a job with s2i, we ask the hiring company to tell us which blitzcard helped them the most when it came to the hiring. If yours is selected, then you will get a £500 reward and you can expect to see results as we are working in such a fast-paced industry. 

To show our commitment to researchers, we will also give a £500 payment to the author of the original research. We believe that researchers do too much for free and want to be the change that works to recognise the efforts of researchers all over the world.

“Researchers have given up on the idea of being paid but we want to help them to realise their value” 

Beatrice Zatorska, Co-Founder & CEO

The Future 

What is truly amazing about our Blitzcard system is that it is constantly evolving. You are joining us at the start of our journey which means you have the potential to earn lots of rewards as we continue to drive forward into a new and exciting way of connecting academics to companies.

Never before has anyone linked academic research, academics and industry in a bid to solve some of the biggest problems facing companies (and the world) today. Join the science2innovation movement and enjoy taking this journey with us.

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