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Successful networking begins with your profile

The following are tips on how to snatch the best match and get that awesome introduction by creating a super-duper profile. 

Complete your profile 100% 

It is important to fully complete your profile. Spending that extra five minutes to write a couple of good lines about yourself will pay off, and you will be rewarded with relevant matches. Your profile should be professional, interesting and right to the point so you get the attention of the people who should be part of your network. 

Spell out loudly and clearly what you want

Make sure to tell us what you are looking for—your intentions on who you want to network with are essential for us to introduce you to the right person. It is great if you have a clear idea of whom you would like to meet, but if you are still searching and have not made up your mind, then help point us in the right direction. 

Limit yourself to 3-5 choices

You have lots of interests and many ideas, which is great. However, try to focus on one or two goals while networking on Smart Tribe, and we will be able to provide you with introductions that are more accurate. When creating your profile, there are many nice icons you can choose; however, resist the temptation of choosing too many. Three to five per section is plenty. 

Think the way AI thinks… 

We use algorithms to pull your introductions from thousands of people, so think the way AI thinks: using good keywords and clear explanations will make the AI happy, and then you will be happy with the matches. Someday, AI will be able to read our minds, but we are not there yet…

No dogs or parrots, please 

For your profile picture, use photos of your face, not your dog or favourite flowers. A smile also encourages others to select you for an introduction. 

No ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ either 

Write short sentences and use plain English (no industry or academic jargon, please). An average person spends three seconds reading your profile, and the vast majority of people will not understand who you are or why they should meet you if you present yourself using esoteric language. And if you are looking for an industry expert, please remember that certain industries often use different expressions for academic subjects. If you are serious about transitioning to industry, it is worth learning those expressions and using them while networking with industry professionals. 

Use chat-up lines that will make you irresistible 

The only place you can be creative is in the Introduction section. Do not leave it blank! This is like a handshake: if you do not extend your hand when greeting, nobody will want to meet you. The best introductions are short and include three critical components: 

  1. Who am I? 

Example: ‘I am a scientific researcher working for Pfizer in Boston conducting cancer research’, or ‘I am a philosophy PhD student from Italy interested in data science’. 

  1. What do I want? 

Example: ‘I am looking for a co-founder to help me commercialise my research’, or ‘I want to learn more about industry jobs in the technology sector’. Try to be as precise as possible; people cannot guess what you want by simply looking at your photo and PhD title. 

  1. What do I have to offer? 

This is the place to briefly mention your achievements and experience. If you want others to want to meet you, it is important to make yourself relevant to them, their company, industry and needs. Remember, your PhD is also a professional experience, not just a degree.

Example: ‘I spent ten years working on neurolinks that will revolutionise the next generation of medical devices’, or ‘I became an experienced data analyst capable of applying my skills in any industry by working on large data-analysis projects at the interface of marine ecology’.  

Refresh your profile from time to time 

Do not forget to update your profile when your circumstances will change or you have a different idea who you want to meet while networking.

Let us know if you have any questions or need help completing your profile.

Happy networking!

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