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Write a short introduction about yourself in 2-3 sentences. Describe who you are and what is your expertise. Be creative and fun!

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Don’t forget to let companies know if you are open to job offers and expert hours opportunities.

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Pick skills you are confident about, both technical and transferable, which are very important for companies too (not only your fluency in Python!).

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Add tech descriptions (blitzcards) to show your problem-solving skills and diverse ways of thinking. Even better, write one, too!

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Add your education and experience. Include your previous projects: problem, solution and advantages of the solution. Write it in plain English and non-technical way so that non-experts can understand it.

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Use tech descriptions (blitzcards) to showcase the real-world value of your specialist research skills and expertise to companies.

Connecting researchers to companies

Helping industry connect the dots between your research and their problems

Showcasing the value of research to companies and how it can be reapplied

A tech description contains everything a company needs to know about a piece of research to understand its value for industry.

Researcher case study

Researcher: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Problem: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Learn how s2i Blitzcards solved their problem.

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