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Blitzcards are the plain English translation of a research paper with actionable industry applications

Blitzcards allow companies to understand the value and new applications of research

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This is a Blitzcard

Short, plain English description of scientific research which proposes a solution to a real-world problem using new, emerging technologies. 1 of 6

Real World Problem

Clearly describe what the problem is that we are facing. Use a non-technical language so that it can be easily understood by everyone. 2 of 6


Using simple English, explain the solution proposed by the research paper to tackle the problem being addressed. Remember, that the person reading it doesn’t have your expertise, so please use appropriate language.

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Advantages of solution

Why is this solution better or different than any others? Is it cheaper? Is it better quality? Does it save time? Is it more accurate?

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New applications of work

Think about how technologies described in this research could be applied in other industries to solve their problems. Could it be useful in healthcare? Marketing? Or maybe hospitality?

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We only accept good quality research.
Provide a DOI link to the research described. You can use Crossref to track it down. If your paper doesn’t have a DOI link, please provide a URL to the paper.

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Anatomy of a Blitzcard

Real world problem
Advantages of solution
New applications of work

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Turn academic research into products for industry

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