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The Gig Economy Lifestyle for Data Scientists

What is a Gig Economy Career?

The Gig Economy is an integral part of the future of work movement and is focused on offering a better working life and work-life balance. It provides companies access to a wide range of experts without having to offer them a full-time job or traditional employment contract. This is great news for gig workers who essentially make their money by working with multiple employers, fulfilling the need for a variety of experiences all while having ultimate flexibility.

On initial inspection, people may see the gig economy as lacking in benefit for gig workers because of a lack of employee rights and no specific pay-scale. However, choosing a gigging lifestyle allows many workers to tailor their careers to fit their lifestyle, rather than the other way around. Many gig workers take the view that work is necessary to fund what is important; such as their hobbies, interests, ambitions and financial needs. 

science2innovation is a two-sided marketplace connecting data scientists from academia and companies, offering full-time and part-time opportunities, as well as consultancy and expert hours. Data scientists are starting to see the benefits of flexible working and increased exposure within a variety of industries through offering their expertise as expert hours. 

Imagine working in FinTech for a few months influencing global trade, for a higher than market wage, to then be able to work for a few months lending your expertise to solving water purification issues in developing countries. Bottomline, options abound for the work-life balance you want. 

Which Industries Have Gig Opportunities?

In short, all industries! The demand for data, AI advancements and the data scientists to invent and apply new technologies is soaring – everywhere!

Some of the more well-known gig areas include delivery and car services like Uber, but gig workers span all industries and levels of expertise. You now have the opportunity to share their knowledge across many different sectors. 

In the UK alone there are approximately 5 million people accessing gig working and the sectors that benefit from this include healthcare, education, financial services, technology and many more. Ultimately, any sector has the ability to work with a gig worker; the crux of being a successful gig worker is having a skillset that is transferable and in demand. There’s no higher demand than data scientists.

As stated by the United States of Labor Statistics, the employment of all computer and information research scientists is expected to rise 19% by the year 2026, which is deemed much faster than the average for all professions.

Why A Gig Lifestyle is a Great Choice

The lifestyle can be a fantastic choice if you want to have the flexibility that it offers as well as a diverse portfolio of projects to work on. You can expect to set your own working times and locations and can also pick and choose between projects, agreeing to work on ones that resonate with you rather than those that end up on your desk with no discussion.

If you love variety then imagine using your skills to work in the FinTech sector one day and with a charity the next. Successful gig workers recognise their worth and know how to sell it so that they can curate the work-life balance they are happy with. Because gig workers can set their own fees you will be able to offer reductions for projects that are close to your heart, knowing that your skills are helping to further a project that may not have been able to afford your expertise otherwise.

The Negative Side of Gig Working

You can expect negatives with any career and gig working is no different. There has been a lot of press about how gig workers are underpaid and undervalued as well as companies choosing the cheapest worker rather than the best. 

These issues can be easily traversed when you work alongside companies that recognize the value you bring and can help you to get fair pay for your knowledge. Knowing what you are worth and not lowering your own value are attributes that will ensure you are not taken advantage of.

Our CEO, Beatrice Zatorska wrote a post to help you navigate this.

What s2i Can Do To Help You

If you are a gig worker with a PhD in data science, AI or machine learning then we have the opportunities you need to support your lifestyle. When you choose to connect with science2innovation you will be able to create a Blitzprofile that will share your skills and what type of work you are looking for. We have many companies that are looking for people they can work alongside to solve some of their biggest industry problems. These contracts can be flexible to fit with your lifestyle and other commitments and will always allow you to do what interests you.

We are keen to ensure that the valuable research that PhDs complete makes it out of the academic world and into industry. We use blitzcards to share potential solutions with companies. Blitzcards are the plain English translation of a research paper with actionable industry applications. Blitzcards allow companies to understand the value and new applications of research. They power the sceince2innovation matching algorithm, connecting data scientists and companies.  

Companies are searching our blitzcards on a daily basis looking to connect with the people that have the skills to make these solutions a reality.
Connect with us today and create your Blitzprofile. You can be certain that your skills will be marketed to the most relevant companies that need you, without you having to spend hours trying to find your next gig. Let’s unleash science!

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