The Story Behind Our Mission


Welcome to science2innovation; a place where people with the skills to change the world are introduced to the powerhouses of industry in a bid to find workable solutions to some of their most concerning issues. 

We are focused on connecting PhDs and industry so that we can unleash the potential that science has to solve real-world problems. science2innovation is the place for PhDs to go to find their dream job in industry – specialising in data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

s2i offers full-time and part-time jobs, as well as opportunities to stay in your current job and provide expert advice for companies for an hourly fee.

As a PhD, it’s not only free to join science2innovation, but any money that you earn, you keep 100% of it. Researchers do enough for free!

It’s an exciting time to join us and we are incredibly pleased to welcome you to our community.

The Mission

Since their first meeting in the Antler Incubator, Beatrice Zatorska and Kris Jack have combined their passion and drive to create science2innovation. It is a business that aims to do two key things; help PhDs to find a job in industry where their expertise is valued and also help industries to find the right talent to solve their problems and innovate their products and services. 

science2innovation is a network of people who are working to find robust solutions to some of the most complex issues facing industries today. Currently, it is estimated that only 2% of academic research ever sees the light of day. It is this appallingly low percentage that inspired the pair to create their innovative multi-sector Blitzcards as a vehicle to giving companies real-life solutions by introducing them to PhDs with the skills to solve real-world problems with tech.

Our startup is moving at such a rapid pace that we’ve already expanded our team by more than double, as well as having multiple investors within the first five months of operating. This speed of movement is driving the team to innovate and push forward as we see the impact of our work in real life.

science2innovation is the solution that academics and industries are clamouring to be part of and it shows no sign of abating.

The People

Kris Jack – Co-Founder & CTO

¨I can’t imagine producing research that changes the world,” Kris concedes, “but I can change the world by bringing two people together.¨ 

Originally from Scotland, Kris now lives in London with his family and has enjoyed a full and varied career in Data Science before taking the plunge and creating this startup. Kris is CTO and Co-founder of science2innovation. He has a broad range of research interests throughout computer science, focussed on helping people to understand information, communicate it and make new discoveries. He has expertise in Recommendation Systems, Information Retrieval and Information Extraction, and more broadly in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Kris is proud of the jobs he has had over the years and recounts the valuable education he has been exposed to in companies such as Orange, Elsevier and Mendeley. Kris’ extensive knowledge has defined him as a sector leading data scientist that understands what industries need and makes him an inspiring half of this founding partnership.

Kris spends his time between leading the tech development side of the business and leading the product itself; working with scientists to refine and develop what science2innovation has to offer. This is a fast-paced role and he loves that he can come up with an idea in the morning, create it during the day and release it the same evening; a factor that makes being part of this startup incredibly exciting. 

“Nothing is more exciting than the thrill of seeing people use a product that used to just live in my imagination, and is now making a complete stranger say, Wow, this is so cool!”

Through his experience with Antler, Kris has now become confident in areas he never thought he would enjoy such as pitching to investors as he is so confident in the potential of the business that it makes it a joy to share with others. Kris is wholly committed to science2innovation and wants to use his position to help great scientists get their deep research skills out there and help drive recruitment forward so that industries can appoint people that will solve their problems rather than fill a gap.

“We have PhDs with incredible passion and skill on one side who struggle to find jobs that they love. On the other side we have companies that need such people but struggle to find them. science2innovation is win-win.

Beatrice Zatorska – Co-Founder & CEO

“I’ve travelled the world helping companies hunt for scientific research and exceptional scientists to turn that science into amazing products. There are a wealth of untapped innovations and talent able to solve the most urgent company problems. But the problem was, I was only able to find them by chance or through my personal network. It has been my obsession to create one global place where those two worlds of scientific research and industry could meet, speak the same language and collaborate to each others benefit.”

Being half Polish and half French, with a Danish upbringing, has made Beatrice into a woman that is not afraid of borders or boundaries. With an international career behind her and expertise in commercialising technology, she is a formidable half of this duo. The great thing about her experience is that Beatrice understands how to help industry solve incredibly difficult tech problems. Sh has spent the last 20 years working to introduce top talent to companies and supporting them to create new solutions to advance in the market. 

As part of her commitment to science2innovation, Beatrice spends her time working with the team, investors and customers, as well as managing the day to day activities of the business. It’s this pace and excitement that drives her, as well as being part of a team that she deems to be the most passionate and creative group of people that she has ever worked with.

Beatrice is a keen supporter of women in science. She takes pride in her position as a role model to women and girls that seek distinction in STEM. From a group of aspiring female data scientists in Tehran to the Welsh girls that send her their science projects, she is an inspiration that is keen to promote excellence in technology.

The Offer

Whether a job seeker or a company, when you join the science2innovation community, you get unlimited access to a forward-thinking team and a platform that connects academics and industry through its powerful matching algorithm. Companies find the talent and tech they long for and academics have a chance to join the ranks of industry to use their expertise in a brand new sector.

We specialise in Data Science, Machine Learning and AI with the aim to create a better world to live in by unleashing science.

Get in touch today to find out how we can help you. You will be inspired by our desire to change the way academics and industry communicate; helping the world’s most brilliant scientists access technology proposals that cut across all types of industries in a wide range of locations. 

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