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Our Mission

Here at science2innovation, we are solving real-world problems with beautiful minds!

We are passionate about helping to solve some of the most significant problems facing companies today. Our customers are looking for answers to everything from practical solutions, to ways to increase productivity, to the big questions that affect all of us like ‘how to cure cancer’. 

Whether you hold a PhD in data science and are looking for your dream job in industry or a company that needs new and innovative solutions and the specialist experts to implement them, then we are here for you.

Join us in our mission to unleash the power of science.

What We Offer

science2innovation is the place to go for PhDs to get the job they love in industry. Through our proprietary technology, we’ve created a unique way to connect academics and industry. With this sophisticated matching technology, companies find the tech and expert talent to help solve specific industry problems and PhDs in data science find the right opportunities in industry.  

We are an ambitious startup solving real-world problems using beautiful minds that specialise in Data Science, Machine Learning and AI. We connect specialist PhDs with a diverse array of companies through our innovative Blitzcards. These tech applications contain everything a company needs to know about a piece of research so that they can understand its value in their industry.

Our Blitzcards are searchable on the science2innovation platform for companies to browse and find specialists in data science that can solve their problems. Our Blitzcards allow researchers to upload their research, explain it in plain English for companies to understand the application within various industries. No longer does research languish on the shelf and be considered too difficult for companies to access.  Our mission is to use AI and Data Science algorithms to develop a search engine that makes connecting PhD holders and companies straightforward and productive. 

The fantastic part is that it brings together PhD holders and companies that may never have combined forces before, by taking research and considering how it can be applied in a variety of industries in different contexts. It’s these Blitzcards that mean PhD holders can look forward to reapplying their academic research directly in industry, utilising their knowledge in real-world settings.

The Benefits for PhD holders

If you hold a PhD (or are a PhD student close to completion), then we can help you to find companies that need your skills. We have worked tirelessly to forge many links with a wide range of companies so that you can look forward to finding a job you love that allows you to apply your research in order to solve real-world problems.

When you choose science2innovation, you are more likely to get the job you love because we will help you showcase your skills through a blitz profile. The purpose of your profile will be to help you connect with companies and demonstrate how your research can solve their problems. We understand the time and effort you have given to research and believe that we can help you maximise the impact of your work through making these connections.

You can sign up for free and write a Blitzcard that showcases your scientific research in an easy to read format with real-life examples that can adapt to industry problems. It has never been easier for job seekers with PhDs to connect with potential employers. The best bit is that it is free to join science2innovation, and it will always be free for researchers. We will never take any money that you earn as we recognise the value of your research contribution.

In fact, we are launching a Researcher Rewards programme where you can earn money from sharing your background research. As part of our mission to unleash science, we are committed to supporting researchers not only by connecting you to job opportunities for the next step in your career but by rewarding you for your contribution to advancing science.    

“Since my PhD, I’ve been dedicated to figuring out a way to give back to researchers. And now we can, while actually making a difference!”

Kris Jack, Co-Founder & CTO

The Benefits for Companies

There are a wealth of experts able to solve industry problems but finding them is challenging, time-consuming and costly. science2innovation saves companies time, money and helps growth by bringing talent and innovation with better accuracy and speed than anyone else. 

science2innovation helps PhDs to market themselves in industry language so companies can understand the true value of their expertise.  Those talents are needed not only for R&Ds and product development but across all functions from analytics, to marketing and sales. Companies need diversity of thinkers and skills and science2innovation is the only place indexing technology innovation and available talent able to apply it. 

By signing up with science2innovation, you can access hundreds of Blitzcards that contain the tech answers to your problems; you type in what you need and get yourself connected to a data science expert looking for a job in industry.

Job seekers with PhDs have the skills you need, but it can be challenging to find the ideal candidate through mainstream job adverts in an extremely competitive market. We have solved this problem by curating a database of top talent with the skills you need. 

You can find relevant talent and new tech in one place, using the same tool, with one subscription and minimum hassle. Turn to science2innovation today and get hold of the latest tech and talent that will solve your problems and drive your product forward.

When you subscribe, you will be able to access the best talent in the global market all in one place. Our Blitzcards will help you find new research that can be used to solve your problems as well as getting access to the people that are creating the latest technologies. If you want to keep your search anonymous, we can make that happen too so that you can explore options without sharing sensitive information.

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